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xMyStiCisM's Server

Post by xMyStiCisM-- on Sat Nov 13, 2010 4:57 pm

Dear MineCraft Players,
I xMyStiCisM have made a server in which you guys can play on. This server is managed and run by a dedicated host client called "MCLawl". I used to previously use "MCSharp", but found that was junky and did not need/want that nomore. So instead of going on any further then that, here are my server stats:

Faults: This Server will only be running when i have the Host Client running.
Log-in Level: The login level once you get on this server is a guest only server.
Extras:Please if you do not have an account or in wish of playing with us, please read the thread that is "Sticky" named "How to get Minecraft".

LaughingThankyou for your time reading this, I hope to see you on my server soon. Laughing



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